Monday, 30 August 2010

Lateral Line & Hearing

Found that lateral line and hearing are linked so will put them together instead of 2 separate points.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

Slight Adjustment

Starting to see that there isn't as much information on shark evolution regarding sensory organs as I'd like. Most likely will change project title, removing the evolution side of things and focus on the sensory organs and how they help the Great White become a successful predator.

Draft 2 of Title:

'How have the Great White Shark's sensory organs aided it in becoming one of the world's most successful predators?'

Books ordered

Tried to find some research books on great white biology. Local library was lacking so have requested a couple of books for inter-library exchange. Hopefully another library will have them.
Great White Shark
Great White Sharks: The biology of Carcharodon carcharias

Both deamed as the must have reference books for Great Whites so fingers crossed I can get hold of them.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Bibliography Notes

Few notes on where I'm getting my info from to make writing the bibliography a lot easier later on.

11/7/10 - "About Sharks and Shark Attacks" by Davies, David H. (Book)
13/8/10 - "Semiconductor Gel in Shark Sense Organs?" by R.Douglas Fields,Kyle D. Fields,Melanie C. Fields
29/8/10 - Biology of Shark and Rays - Sensory Biology by  R. Aidan Martin

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Plan-First Draft

First draft of essay plan:
  1. Introduction - Statistics on shark attack success etc.
  2. Nare (Nostril) Physiology - inlet/outlet, olfactory lamellae, can compare nostrils.
  3. Lateral Line - Vibration Sensors over whole body
  4. Ampullae of Lorenzini - Electromagnetic sensors on nose, semiconductor gel
  5. Hearing - Remnants of ear remain, used for balance & equilibrium, possible explanation for heightened senses.
  6. Sight - depth perception.
  7. Pit Organs - Detect temperature change.
  8. Conclusion.

Start of a long road...

So first things first. I plan on doing a project on the Sensory Organs of the Great White Shark.

First draft of title:
"How have the evolutionary adaptations of the Great White Shark's sensory organs aided it in becoming one of the world's most successful predators?"

Planning on focusing on 3 main areas:
1.Nostril Physiology
2.The Lateral Line
3.Ampullae of Lorenzini

Will touch briefly on its lack of hearing.